2010 Michigan Bible School Lecureship

Left to Right; Michael Golwitzer, Lynwood Shealy, John Natiw, Ryan Watterson,
James Trail, George Beals, Kip Hadley, and James Barnes. (Marty Stearns not pictured)






How to Rightly Divide the Word of Truth

George Beals

Why Study the Old Testament?

James Trail

Why We Have Multiple Interpretations of the Bible

Lynwood Shealy

The Bible Speaks About - The Church

James Barnes

"Lord, To Whom Shall We Go?" (Jn 6:68)

Ryan Watterson

The Bible Speaks About - Worship In The Church

Michael Golwitzer

"I Press Toward The Mark" (Phil 3:14)

Marty Stearns

"Teach Others That They May Be Able Teach" (2 Tim 2:2)

Kip Hadley

The Word of God is Inerrant, Authoritative, and Sufficient

Ryan Watterson

The Bible Speaks About - How to Identidy the Lord's Church

James Trail

How to Become a Member of the Church

John Natiw


The Church of Christ - West and the Michigan Bible School invite you to hear a series of
lessons on studying the Bible. Both audio and video files are available above.
All the speakers either attend the school as students or are instructors.

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An open message from John Natiw and the elders (May 5, 2010).